Jose Altuve's defensive game keeps getting better, and so does his gamer. This limited edition Wilson A2000 is the result of meticulous craftsmanship with the mindset of constantly improving patterns. Wilson experts hand pick the pro stock leather that goes into each glove to ensure delivery of one of the best feeling baseball gloves in the world. With an always dependable construction, the A2000 gloves are driven by innovation from the Wilson Advisory Staff and other players across the globe. Hard working players all rave about the unbeatable feel, long lasting structure, and absolutely perfect break in. With this particular model, the all new JA27, you're guaranteed a more shallow pocket for easier access and quicker ball transfers. Just like Jose Altuve's game, this glove is not to be missed and will be sure to put on a show. Wilson: The Official Glove of Major League Baseball!

This 2018 Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Baseball Glove (WTA20RB18JA27GM) features the popular 11.50-inch pattern, a pro-laced T-web, and gap welting that helps create a perfect pocket and excellent structure.


  • * Jose Altuve's Game Day Glove *
  • 11.50 Inch Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Colorway: Navy / Orange
  • Chevron Cross Web
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining - Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material
  • Gap Welting Creates Durable Pocket & Long Lasting Break-In
  • Infielder Glove
  • Pro Stock Leather Provides Rugged Durability & An Unbeatable Feel


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